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Chen Shivuk temporary tattoo, ink Color, Glitter
Chen Shivuk direction to raise the bar of professionalism in temporary body decorations.
Through a thorough investigation of the industry and the degree of needs that will lead the industry further Steps forward.

Chen Shivuk manufactures and develops the tattoo stencil with a lot of design.
Quality and unique, with our stencil can do all kinds of tattoos
sparkle tattoo, ink colorise, we are constantly working on new and fashionable designs.

Our Stencils manufactures with the best material in the world, the quality and uniqueness that we Made from the best materials available to give you a stencil will stick to the areas of the body, the areas that are problematic such as elbows neck, shoulders, shoulder, the thickness is thin and therefore very flexible and the application easily,
our stencil can a peel easily and for the completion of all our options, the stencil with a white air frame For easy peeling from every angle of the stencil.

We produce body glue for glitter tattoos according to the Ministry of Health standard and adhesive theme.
we possess high quality glitter in very precise shredding appropriate – Glittering tattoos, nail decorations, crafts and more.
WE HAVE INTRODUCED TO THE INDUSTRY THE COLORISE "ink temp tttoo" Since 2001 With great success,
colorise were required to many series and movies all over the world in response to the image of real tattoos
Authenticity on the acters and beyond insensitivity with materials on the body along many months.
Colorise can also be sprayed in Airbrush systems.

Since 2009 we have been marketing mehmdi Henna in tubes and cones ready for easy work of painting,
As well as auxiliary equipment for precise painting, henna oil for strengthening the henna over time.

Stalls and Fairs – Since 2012 Chen Marketing has started to market accessories, bracelets, necklaces, stalls and accessories of all kinds, pendants,

In the field of hair products – dreadlocks, feathers with leather thread for hair decoration, clams on hair thread, mobile hair accessories. Beads, pendants.
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